House of Anubis is a children's show (based off Het Huis Anubis) that airs on Nickelodeon. It follows a group of boarding school students who live in Anubis House, a building dating from the 1890s.
They come across many mysteries that need to be solved.


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When did Fabian get so mean?

Happy (belated) birthday, Emily!

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TOP 20 HOA SHIPS as voted by the fandom

#11 — JOYTRICIA (Joy/Patricia)

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[listen here]

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Patricia & Eddie + hands

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Cup of Ankh Teespring Campaign!

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3/20 preordered!!

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tasiel: #fbf an oldie of me and anamulvoyten 

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KT + being cute

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hoa meme: ten scenes [2/10]

Blind Amber sits on Jerome’s knee

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Amber Millington in season 1

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